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ClearWater library of websites on Board Diversity

This library of websites was originally compiled for our 2012 Green River Conference which was focused on Diversity on the Board.

Both Sides of the Table

We recently found a link to this blog started by an entrepreneur turned VC.  The link here is to a post on how start-ups should approach a relationship with an attorney.  We think it’s pretty spot-on.

The Conglomerate

Conglomerate is a “business, law, economics & Society” blog. Started by Professor Gordon Smith and Professor Christine Hunt, Conglomerate has become a well respected business law blog run exclusively by law professors across the country. Conglomerate contains musing on current events in the business world, analysis of business deals and current cases, as well as responses to business and legal articles from major news sources.

The Race to the Bottom

The Race to the Bottom was the first student – professor compiled law blog in the country. The Race to the Bottom discusses corporate governance issues particularly regarding Sarbanes-Oxley, the role of the SEC, and Delaware fiduciary duties. Began by Professor J. Brown of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, the blog is a joint effort between University of Denver faculty and students to provide up-to-date information about important legal decisions. The blog contains links to other blogs and publications of interest and is updated daily on issues concerning executive compensation, independent directors, preemption of Delaware law, securities issues, and shareholders rights. Professor Brown and his students provide unique insight and critique of Delaware law.